Music & words by Dr. Will
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DR. WILL – Vocals
OSCAR KRAUS – Drums, Backing Vocals
TOM PESCHEL – Double Bass, Backing Vocals
ULI KUEMPFEL – Electric Guitar, Fender Rhodes Piano, Backing Vocals
DIM SCLICHTER – Backing Vocals
VOODOO GURU – Narration

Recorded at Space Eko Studio, London
Mixed by Alex McGowan

“Step right up and don’t be shy…”
Welcome to a diabolical fair ground attraction that features curiosities and encounters of numerous characters! Some meet for the first time, some for the last. The Voodoo Guru invites you to a bloodcurdlingly beautiful rendezvous.
The introduction to the concept album, so-to-speak.

Voodoo Barbecue was one of the first songs we recorded for this album (January 2006). It was produced in London by Alex McGowan whom I’ve known for many years. In the early 80s we played together in a new wave band called Stella Vee (I know I’m old…). Alex then moved to London and has since worked with acts like Martina Topley-Bird, Stuart Copeland and Son Of Dave in his studio.

We flew in solely for the session, had a lot of fun and Dim was especially happy for he could see the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band live
for the first time.