Music & Words by Dr. Will
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DR. WILL – Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Loops
DOGHOUSE DOM – Electric Bass Guitar
TOM PESCHEL – Electric Bass Guitar
OLAF GIEBE – Electric Lead Guitar
TITUS VOLLMER – Electric Rhythm Guitar
ULI KUEMPFEL – Farfisa Organ
DIM SCLICHTER – Backing Vocals

Recorded at TiBone Studio and Downhill Studio, Munich
Mixed by Tom Peschel

This one’s definitely stirring up Voodoo vibes … I had initially written and recorded the song for my former band Gangsters Of Love in 2000. We still play Hoodoo Moon live occasionally and due to its topic it perfectly merged in with the rest of the album. I applied the loop at the beginning of the original to the new version.

Oftentimes I compose riffs on the guitar that drive my guitarists nuts, simply because I’m not a real guitarist myself and I never seem to think about the musical realization. Of course, I could never play that stuff myself. You also have a tough time with the Hoodoo Moon riff, but Titus Vollmer is a real pro and grabbed it. Respect!