Music & words by Dr. Will
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DR. WILL – Vocals, Percussion
DIM SCLICHTER – Drums, Dustbin, Backing Vocals
TOM PESCHEL – Double Bass, Backing Vocals
OLAF GIEBE – Electric Guitar
ULI KUEMPFEL – Fender Rhodes Piano, Backing Vocals
OSCAR KRAUS – Backing Vocals
VOODOO GURU – Narration

Recorded at Space Eko Studio, London
Mixed by Alex McGowan

To make the “jungle groove” sound even more frenetic we hit on the idea of dubbing the toms with something “brassy”. Dim went out into the yard and hit a trash can to check out its sound. It turns out this was the very sound we needed! So in the middle of the night Dim sort of beat the living daylight out of the trash can and Alex recorded it. Thank God this was in London! In Germany we probably would have been arrested.

The loveliest memory this song evokes in me is due to Olaf. He arrived a couple days later than us in London. Coming straight from the airport and soaked with sweat, he quickly changed into a new shirt, plugged his guitar in and 5 minutes later he blew us away with his performance! We were flabbergasted in the light of such natural force and co-producer Alex simply remarked: “This guy can play the Blues for real!” How true!