Music & words by Dr. Will
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Music by Dr. Will
Words by Dr. Will & Dim Sclichter

DR. WILL – Vocals, Beer Bottle, Indian Tambourine
OSCAR KRAUS – Drums, Backing Vocals
TOM PESCHEL – Double Bass, Backing Vocals
ULI KUEMPFEL – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
DIM SCLICHTER – Backing Vocals

Recorded at Space Eko Studio, London
Mixed by Alex McGowan

I’d always had a soft spot for Punk, too, I especially liked the English kind that also featured Pop elements, although back then the tough guys never would have admitted it.

In the early 90s, I played in a Bluesrock-trio in London. The bass player, Stuart Cavilla, was famous for always sleeping in. Asked about why that was, he languidly responded: “You know, I was born tired.” I initially wanted to call the song Born Tired, but somehow that didn’t go well with the music ;-)