Music by Arjan Bakker
Words by Dr. Will
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DR. WILL – Vocals, Drums, Percussion
ARJAN BAKKER – Resonator Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Electric Slide Guitar, Hammond Organ, Drum Programming

Recorded at TiBone Studio, Munich and at home
Mixed by Tom Peschel

I became acquainted with Arjan Bakker via Myspace. He writes beautiful instrumentals. One day I asked him if I could possibly sing on one of them – he sent me the instrumental version of Run! Run!
I recorded the vocals, played drums on it and returned that version to him. Our work took place on a virtual level only. We finished producing the song without ever having met in person.

There’s not much to say about the lyrics. I believe everyone has had the feeling that they simply want to run away, whether it’s right or not.