Music & Words by Dr. Will
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DR. WILL – Vocals
DIM SCLICHTER – Drums, Backing Vocals
TOM PESCHEL – Double Bass
DOGHOUSE DOM – Electric Baritone Guitar
ULI KUEMPFEL – 5-String Banjo
OLAF GIEBE, SCHORSCH H. – Backing Vocals

I tried to write a melancholic song that everyone could relate to; whether they just lost their partner, their job or a soccer game.
I wanted to capture the feeling of emptiness that strikes one – especially after a loss.
James Hooker
who plays keyboards for John Hiatt, among others, wrote me: “’Out of matches, out of luck’… I hate you… I wish I’d written that line.” That made me damn proud;-)

We recorded in Tom Peschel’s studio. We had initially booked the session to record the song Cadillac for a Spider Murphy Gang tribute album. However, we were done with it so quickly that there was plenty of time left. I showed the band the chords and pretty soon we had the take in the can. Because our actual work was done the atmosphere in the studio was exceptionally relaxed which, in my opinion, influenced the mood of the track.
Kartin Keglmaier's trombone is the icing on the cake – he usually breaks it down in a Balkan-Combo. He suggested to play the trombone muted which added another pound of sadness to the song.
Like a howling dog …

Recorded at Downhill Studio, Munich
Mixed by Tom Peschel