Music by Dr. Will
Words by Dr. Will & Sebastian Deutschmann
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DR. WILL – Vocals, Percussion, Cardboard Box, Loops
DIM SCLICHTER – Drums, Drum Case, Tam-Tam, Backing Vocals
DOGHOUSE DOM – Double Bass
ULI KUEMPFEL – 5-String Banjo, Piano
OLAF GIEBE – Electric Guitar

Recorded at TiBone Studio and Downhill Studio, Munich
Mixed by Tom Peschel

Recorded in Ulis home studio with the original cast that we perform with live as „Dr. Will & The Wizards“. Wir spielen den Song schon seit geraumer Zeit als Opener bei unseren Konzerten.

Ulis banjo and Dim’s raging groove provide the song with that special something. And, of course, Olaf’s wicked guitar solo: we had the guitar amp set up in the bathroom as we found the acoustics there particularly thrilling. What we hadn’t considered, though: We were in Munich, it was after 10pm and the bathroom window was open. In no time there was a flock of house wives ringing Uli’s bell and complaining about the “unbearable noise”. Oh well, we had a good time…

It tells the story of a young man who dreams of a smashing life and ends up in a dive bar considering himself to be extremely tough. Really though, his situation becomes worse, which still doesn’t keep him from dreaming on. Why does the story sound so familiar to me?