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W-I-Z-Z - you got the Voodoo Guru here on Radio 92.
We're smack-dab in the middle of rush hour here in the big city;
with a fender-bender on Chalk Farm Road
and bumper to bumper on the big bad beltway.
So you commuters just sit back and say to your self:
"Ooh la la, life is good!"
Don't forget: We got the Bad-to-the-Bone blues bash
down tonight at Union Square.
So head on home after bustin' your ass,
have a shit, shower and a shave - if you pardon my Gumbo -
and dash down Downtown with your baby handcuffed to the front seat.
Ooh I like that voodoo! Put your hands on the radio and say it with me:
"Ooh I like that voodoo!"
Enough of the yappin', let's get snappin'
with more tantalizing tunes
to tap your tootsies to ...